You don't have to be a celebrity to look like one...


Ever wonder how lipstick color last through "The Red Carpet" and into the evening without feathering or fading?

This is the answer: 



Trish Langley - Author and Trainer for Senegence International, a truly amazing line of Semi-Pemanent lip colors, Long Lasting Cosmetics and Cosmeseuticals with Patented Technology so your make-up stays on all day or all night. LipSense is adored by thousands of women all over the world and once you try it, you’ll never go back to traditional, waxy lipsticks.


With over 50 stunning shades to choose from and literally hundreds of custom-color possibilities by combining and layering, once you try LipSense, you’ll never go back to waxy, short-lived, traditional lipsticks that stick to your teeth and dry out your lips. Brides Are Loving it!!!


Christina Aguilera wears LipSense and has since 2005. Her most popularly used shades are Blu Red and Cranberry with Pearl Gloss and to this day, she’s still a LipSense customer.


WHAT….Amazing stay-power. LipSense is worn by many other professional women athletes to include gorgeous female bodybuilders, and competitive sports and dance teams. LipSense always stands up to sweat and long days in the hot sun or during workouts and strenuous, physical activity. Not only do I cater to entertainers, but I have lots and lots of clients that are swimmers, golfers, tennis players, runners, Jazzercisers, Curves junkies, power walkers and boot camp enthusiasts.


The Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders are all wearing Blu Red LipSense, a perfect example of how awsome this product really is and it shows how great this shade looks on quite a few different skin tones!


LipSense has also been featured in many popular magazines, proving to be a staple among everyone from Celebrities to housewives, a product that truly lives up to its name and promise. Call Trish and orders yours today, there are 50 Shades to choose from.

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